Wednesday, 18 August 2010

To work or to play?

I've always been a workaholic. It must strangely be in my blood, considering I come from a family where work is always a chore, never a pleasure. To me, if you have two hands and two feet and you're healthy, you qualify! Sometimes I wonder, however, are your employers getting the better of you and leave you with nothing? Does your work-self leave you with the gap in your real-self you just don't have time or energy to fill?

Take me for example...
Attended piano classes, self-defence classes, English classes. Got a job. First went the piano classes, then self-defence classes, finally the English classes.
Now, on my CV I don't even include the 'Interests' section. Well, I guess, I could just say: "I had some, but then started working". I also feel I could make myself sound more interesting when telling you I do all those things instead of trying to convince you I did them - once upon a time! It's not the same, is it? But employers do want interests!

Take my sister for example...
21 at university. Hobbies: photography, modelling, women soccer. Not working, hasn't got it in her blood. When I looked at her artistic work, I was stunned. Something that I always thought of as more of a fad, she has developed into a real potential. Yes, she's ought to start living responsibly. Yes, she's ought to prepare herself for the real, cruel and fast paced world. But I do wonder, is doing what you love really that bad?

No doubts there are some of you out there who can realise both. For some it's the work that became a passion. Some of you had to face a trade off. For me, work is always an ounce more important than anything else. So, if you excuse me, I must go, I have a CV to update and a job to find, I am too busy for interests.

You, however, now you've had your morning coffee and just about to take care of your day-to-day business, listen and have a great day! ;)

(Apologies for a video being not really a video, but the song is great)