Thursday 3 March 2011

Job searching? Be more bullshit-proof!

There is a risk of me not getting any job if this post will find its way to potential employers. But there is also a chance that many job applications and couple of interviews later, I'll be able to make you more bullshit-proof!

I know, and you know how much time and effort it takes to apply for a job: CV, Cover Letter,application forms, research, being on time, dressing smart, sticking to deadlines, memorising all possible answers to interview questions that you Googled few days before, following up, and, finally, waiting. Let's not forget the essential ingredient: STRESS!

There are hundred and one things that are expected of you. But there is also a list of those that should be expected of the employer (and I don't mean a job itself) and that is accuracy of information provided and excellent organisational skills. Yes, the same ones that are required from us, the candidates. It's a two way street baby! Let me illustrate it on the following examples.

On one occasion I was meant to attend the interview but it was postponed due to person's sickness. On the day of the re-scheduled interview ,the interviewers were 45 minutes late. It went flying but I wasn't successful,and despite requesting feedback,I never got it.

On another occasion I was interviewed by an employee who was leaving the same day, told me about the job responsibilities rather than asked me questions not giving me chance to demonstrate my skills, introduced me to the manager on my way out, told me I will hear from them within 2 days as only one more person was going to be interviewed. Hmmm... I followed up, was told further interviews are carried out for another week, this time by the decision maker. So he decided to do it himself. But by that point I was out of the picture.

One other thing that really 'grinds my gears' is when my application doesn't get acknowledged. You'd expect at least: 'Thank you for your application. You will hear from us... ' Instead it's silence.... shhhhh.... silence......shhhhh....nothing.... silence. And when that happens with regards to the job within Human Resource Department, no wonder they need someone - someone to respond to applicants!

So when you are more serious about the job than the employer, was it really worth your effort? Yes. It's good to be bullshit-proof but it's also good to know you've done all you could!

If you have similar or related experience, please share your views!