Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Don't stop dreaming - no really, don't!

I think, we have a problem. I think,I know the solution.

Have you ever wished you had followed your dream and now you feel it's too late? We all have done. I guess, once we've reached that conclusion, we decide to give up. We allow our dreams to stay where we think they belong, in our head, forever. We also get stuck in the perception that once we've missed that opportunity, there is no hope and no way back from the daunting reality we live in. And chasing that one dream from the Past, we make the Now the only option.

But we've moved, and live on the new street in this city called life. And we wonder, is it ok to want something new, something fresh, and is it going to be any less important only because we gave the first one a fail? Well, yes it's ok!

Dreams are not the reality but maybe that's where they come from. If I still wanted to be a pop star now, I'd reach a state of unhappiness, because the gap between reality and the dream would be impossible to overcome. That's why, from the point where life put me, I see new world, new opportunities and have new dreams.

Of course, as they're your dreams, they might always revolve around one goal. So, for example, if you're striving for recognition and can't achieve it walking the road of show business, maybe one day you'll realise that writing a book would be your alternative option. And the closer you get to that possibility the stronger your desire becomes.

Holding on to the ghost of a dream is not my style. Having ongoing dreams is what drives me. And if I failed so far, I am not giving up, as that will be all I have for now.

So my solution is: Take that dream from your head, sit it down in front of you, adjust the volume and press play!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

To work or to play?

I've always been a workaholic. It must strangely be in my blood, considering I come from a family where work is always a chore, never a pleasure. To me, if you have two hands and two feet and you're healthy, you qualify! Sometimes I wonder, however, are your employers getting the better of you and leave you with nothing? Does your work-self leave you with the gap in your real-self you just don't have time or energy to fill?

Take me for example...
Attended piano classes, self-defence classes, English classes. Got a job. First went the piano classes, then self-defence classes, finally the English classes.
Now, on my CV I don't even include the 'Interests' section. Well, I guess, I could just say: "I had some, but then started working". I also feel I could make myself sound more interesting when telling you I do all those things instead of trying to convince you I did them - once upon a time! It's not the same, is it? But employers do want interests!

Take my sister for example...
21 at university. Hobbies: photography, modelling, women soccer. Not working, hasn't got it in her blood. When I looked at her artistic work, I was stunned. Something that I always thought of as more of a fad, she has developed into a real potential. Yes, she's ought to start living responsibly. Yes, she's ought to prepare herself for the real, cruel and fast paced world. But I do wonder, is doing what you love really that bad?

No doubts there are some of you out there who can realise both. For some it's the work that became a passion. Some of you had to face a trade off. For me, work is always an ounce more important than anything else. So, if you excuse me, I must go, I have a CV to update and a job to find, I am too busy for interests.

You, however, now you've had your morning coffee and just about to take care of your day-to-day business, listen and have a great day! ;)

(Apologies for a video being not really a video, but the song is great)